Sex & Safety


  • When you HAVE to do it & there is NO protection… ORAL sex is best!
  • Oral Sex poses a very reduced level of risk for transmitting HIV & Hepatitis.
  • Barebacking & being the “bottom” poses the greatest risk!
  • Remember: Other STD’s are of equal risk no matter what you do when sharing skin time & fluids.
  • It is the micro tears that happen in the rectum so easily that cause the increase in the spread of viruses & bacteria. You can greatly reduce your risk by using lots of lube. But remember lube alone does NOT prevent the spread of infections.
  • Know your partner, Negotiate safety, Know your limits & have a “way out”, Communicate!
  • When there is no protection… there is… mutual masturbation!
  • Cleanliness is key! When feces and friction mix, tears are more likely to happen. And whether you are top or bottom, cleaning afterwards is a reduction in risk.
  • If you are on the DL… you can get confidential, non-judgemental information from the staff at HRS anytime!


  • Think Outside “The Box”
  • Lube it up! The Wetter the Better!
  • Remember that lube does NOT protect from infections by itself BUT if it is all you have it can protect you from the tears that matter.
  • Know your status & your partners status.
  • Foreplay CAN include talking.
  • Mutual masturbation poses almost no risk at all.
  • Think about where you ejatulate… you can prevent a lot of infections by cumming outside the body.
  • Remember that PRE-cum can also pass infections.
  • If there is NO protection, ORAL sex can save your life.
  • Anal is the most risky, Vaginal is 2nd, and Oral sex is a GREAT option.


  • Vaginal fluids can pass HIV and other STD’s.
  • Moving one persons fluids to the next person can pass viruses & bacteria, even yeast infections & bacterial vaginosis.
  • Any toy that is anatomically the same as a penis can be used with a condom.
  • Use your own toys.
  • Clean toys thoroughly. Warm, soapy water works for some toys. Silicone can be boiled.
  • Clean toys or apply new condom in between each partner.
  • Also clean or apply new condom when switching from one body part to another.
  • ORAL sex is a safer option when no protection is available.
  • Open cuts on fingers, hands, or feet should not be exposed to vaginal fluids or anus.
  • It is very easy to get a bacterial infection in the vagina from the butt.
  • When fisting use LOTS of LUBE and TAKE YOUR TIME! Also latex gloves are an option for safety.

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