Other Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Chlamydia is affecting our community greatly especially in 15-24 year olds. It is at a 50% infection rate with approx. 75% no symptom rate. Testing for STD’s is easy and quick. Most can be tested for with a simple urine sample and many can be cleared by a simple dose of medication. It is important to remember that most people do not have symptoms of STD’s but approximately 1 in 4 people have one. If STD’s are left untreated they can cause more serious problems such as infertility and pelvic inflammitory disease. The best way to know if you have an STD is to GET TESTED. Partcipating in risk reduction such as condoms, lube, testing, monogamy, and more can greatly reduce your risk. Remember that condoms only protect some parts. Some STD’s such as genital warts (HPV), and herpes (HSV) can be passed from skin to skin contact.

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