Joan Viteri Memorial Clinic (JVMC)

Joan Viteri Memorial Clinic was founded in memory of Joan Viteri, a resident of the Oak Park neighborhood in Sacramento who died as a result of a treatable abscess. Fearing judgment from the medical community because of the stigma tied to intravenous drug use, she was unable to obtain the medical care she needed. Together with Harm Reduction Services, JVMC strives to prevent such tragic and unnecessary deaths among stigmatized populations in the Oak Park community. Equipped with specific resources to treat individuals who use intravenous drugs, individuals who work in the sex trade, and members of the LGBTQ community, we treat all patients with dignity and respect.

Free clinic MOST Saturdays – located at 3647 40th Street @ 12th Ave. – (Sign up @ 12:00pm) provided by UC Davis Med Students & Overseen by a Medical Doctor. Services are free, confidential, professional, respectful, and culturally sensitive.


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