Injection Drugs

  • Use a NEW syringe EVVERYTIME.

  • One syringe, One use.

  • Cap your used syringe and place it in a biohazard container.

  • Use syringe exchange programs.

  • If you have to share, be the FIRST to use.

  • GET TESTED for HIV and Hepatitis C.

  • GET VACCINATED for Hepatitis A & B.

  • Clean the spot you are going to fix before your shoot.

  • Get abscess care right away when one appears.

  • Do not pick your abscess.

  • Use your own injection materials such as cotton, cookers, ties, and surface. All materials including
    the surface you use can be a way for infections to be spread.

  • Get a phonebook, open it to a random page and use it as your surface.

  • Wash your hands before and after fixing.

  • Know your community and have someone in it trained to deal with overdoses.

  • To avoid infection from dirty dope, decontaminate your black tar.

  • Remember that Hepatitis C can live and be spread in blood for up to 4 days.

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