Looking to donate to a life saving cause? Harm Reduction Services puts your donations directly toward the health and well being of people throughout the greater Sacramento region.

Examples of how we utilize your donations:

Basic hygiene products (toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, conditioner, soap, razors)

Health promotion products (vitamins, condoms, lube, safer injection equipment including alcohol wipes, cotton, tourniquets, sterile syringes)

First aid supplies (anti-biotic ointment, gauze, surgical tape, hand sanitizer)

Overdose prevention materials (overdose revival kits including Naloxone, alcohol wipes, sterile syringe, information insert)

Please feel free to contact us directly if you would like to make a donation specific to one cause or feel free to make a general donation simply by clicking the PayPal button to the right of any page on our site.

We greatly appreciate your donations and with them can reach several more people. Your donation will be going directly to saving a life and/or increasing a person’s quality of life.

Thank you,

HRS Staff and people we serve