Body Modification & Self Injury

  • 3 Biggest Concerns: HIV, Hepatitis, & Staph

  • HIV can be passed if needles are used on more than one person.

  • Hepatitis C & Staph can be passed through needles, INK, jewelry, & surfaces.

  • Cover your new tattoo & follow after care instructions.

  • Make it your job to check your artist for use of new needles and gloves!

  • Your artist should keep their area of work disinfected and use new protective coverings on surfaces.

  • If you cut or puncture too deep, call 911.

  • Additional risks specific to Blood Fetishes/Play:

    • the transfer of blood from person to person poses a very high risk of transmission of
      viruses & bacteria

    • choosing monogamous blood donors & sex partners can greatly reduce your risk

    • human bites pose a great risk for infection due to the bacteria in our mouths (consider using
      sterilized tools such as lancets, syringes, or razors instead)

    • the Jugular Vein on the side of the throat is very dangerous due to the amount of blood carried
      directly to the heart from the brain

    • use NEW tools & KNOW your partner

  • if self-injury is something you want to stop or you feel you need help with, then speak to your doctor or counselor right away or call HRS to find out where you can get help.

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